PS Sport is a sub-brand of the Mexican brand Paulo Succar, it was created with a solid premise, a hybrid between the sporting world and the streetwear aesthetics.

The color palette for its opera prima (neon yellow, dinosaur purple, metallic gray, a hint of neon orange and a base of black) was selected with the intention of exalting the non-existent, the extinct and the artificial, which, when mixed, a stunning visual contrasts game is created, this is complemented by patches that allude to the sporting aesthetics in general.

The graphic matters for this activewear line is transitional, it replaces the full visual saturation in every piece (typical of previous collections from Succar) for color blocking, the use of patches and multimedia textures, complimented by high-tops, made of 100% Mexican leather.

The inclusion of patches in this line intends to highlight the most iconic graphic elements of the brand, in this case a Rhinoceros Beetle and a Pterodactyl.

The clothing line comprises a range of silhouettes inspired by different physical activities, such as boxing, yoga, swimming and running, some of which are part of the everyday activities of the designer.