Coleoptere was born with the premise of creating a tribute to a smaller scale world, expressing the beauty, greatness, and complexity of it. With three collaborations, Coleoptere represents the most extensive work to date that the brand has presented. The 10 prints in this collection were developed manually by illustrator Carlos Angoa ( This collection includes a collaboration with Avocet Jewelry ( A series of rings and tie-clips were developed in silver and gold plating with the same graphics as the garments. Along with this, 100% Mexican leather shoes were created exclusively for Coleoptere in a collaboration with the brand Stuka ( Coleoptere comprises a range from the minute to the microscopic, from the organic to the occult, creating in the mind of the spectator an appreciation for a world much smaller than ours. In this occidental modern society we are taught to believe that magic is an invented concept, but looking closely, one can find magic in places one would not believe possible, like the strength and perseverance of a Goliath beetle, the perfect architecture of a honeycomb bee, or the infalible web of a golden silk spider, just some of the many wonders nature develops slowly and silently.